Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 3: Starting to feel Withdrawl

Okay.  It's Day 3.  I did not step on the scale today and I don't plan to.  I looked at it.  Thought about it, but didn't.

I thought about putting the scale away.  Hiding it.  That might make this easier.  However, it really isn't about where the scale is.  If I really wanted to weigh, I'd go get it.  It's just like when I hide food.  I go dig it out.  I'd have to throw the scale in the trash and others use it, so that wouldn't be fair.

As for eating, I've been fine.  It's been a little tricky since I'm at the beach and in a bit of "vacation mode", however, the beach weekends are part of my life so I need to go through them during this challenge.  I usually exercise more at the beach but the rain yesterday kept me inside.  I'm not going to run today because I am running a 5K tomorrow and want to save my legs. 

I haven't snacked much at all.  That is good.  I've tried to eat reasonably and good portions.  I haven't felt stuffed and have been hungry by the time the next meal rolls around.  The tough part of my "beach lifestyle" is the adult beverages.  I have had more Lite Beer than I would have at home.  I won't be drinking next weekend, so this is okay. 

Life has it's ebbs and flows.  I roll with it with the scale, I can roll with it, without the scale.  I just wish it wasn't so hard.  It would be much easier to give up my watch.  It would be far easier to not know what time is was rather than to not know how much I weigh.  I know that is crazy, but it's true.  The funny thing is that knowing the number on the scale doesn't usually alter my behavior.  It just allows me to beat myself up for being "bad". 

Luckily, I have college basketball to distract me.  I'll feel MUCH better after I run tomorrow.  I know I will.

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  1. I have always admired how you balance "indulgences" and "compensations" as The French Woman would say!

    Or, to quote Ben Franklin, "Moderation in all things, including moderation!"

    Enjoy your positive reflections ~ karen w.