Monday, March 28, 2011

Lenten Challenge - Day 20 (I think!)

I've kinda lost count, can you believe it?  I didn't even think about the scale today.  Instead, I thought about going to my Pilates class and maybe getting a short walk in.  I think I miss my cardio on my pilates days.  My day seems to be "off" without a little bit of cardio.  So today, I added in a brisk two mile treadmill walk after the gym.

I almost forgot the biggest "scale" moment.  It happened this past Thursday.  I went to the doctor for my 6 month visit and didn't look at the scale.  The nurse said that my weight was within the healthy range, so I just let it go at that.  I will get the report from my blood work in a week or so.  Guess we'll see how I'm doing.  Anyway, weight did not seem to be an issue.  Imagine that?

I think that sometimes Weight Watchers pushes us to "pick" a number in a sort of random fashion.  I think it would be healthier to live "in the range".  I know that I chose my goal weight to be too low.  It was fine at 40, but not so much at 50.  Our bodies change.

I know that I am physically healthier at 50 than I was at 40.  However, I weigh 15 more pounds.  I'm still in the healthy BMI range, but let's face it, that is not what they would say to me if I stepped on a scale.  I might be able to change my weight to the top of the goal, but it's still a single number.  A single number is not real.  A glass of water can change your weight more than a pound.

Weight Watchers did not encourage people to pick their weight at the top of their range.  If they did, they would lose money.  I know that Weight Watchers is a business, but sometimes I think they put their business ahead of their clients.  For example, all of the crap that they call "food" that they sell is just AWFUL.  It is full of chemicals.  The leaders push the food items because they get commission.  People load up on it.  I know,  I used to ring them up at Weigh In.  Boxes and Boxes of cheese snacks, 2 point bars, shakes and the oatmeal that was loaded with artificial sweeteners.  ICK.  A lot of meeting time was spent talking about snacks and processed foods  - Skinny Cows, Pirates Booty, Lean Cuisines, etc.

Let's here it for real food.  Yes, Virginia, you have to cook it.  Oh, yeah.  You have to shop for it.  Honestly, how hard is it to make a pitcher of iced tea with some real sugar.

NO! You can't use real sugar.  It will make you fat.  Drink Diet Soda.  Diet soda counts as a "water" in Weight Watchers, or at least it did.  WHAT?  Soda is not WATER!!!  Oh wait, we can flavor your water with Crystal Light so you can drink it.  All full of artificial sweeteners.  I'm not convinced that artificial sweeteners are not what make us fat.

Okay, so I didn't mean to go off on another Weight Watcher rant.  I guess what bothers me is that most Weight Watcher Leaders are very dogmatic about the program.  They don't want to hear that you can eat more "real" food and lose weight.  If so, how would they make money if you didn't buy their junk food.  Their new Points Plus sort of says that, but I don't know if anyone believes it.  I haven't been to a meeting, nor do I plan to go again.  However, everyone I know that still does Weight Watchers is screaming about how "points pricey" their processed junk food items are.  Get real people -- that's what is making you fat.

Also Weight Watchers doesn't get "real" exercise.  Believe it or not, some people claim Activity Points, which you can eat, for CLEANING!!!!  I don't count anything as exercise unless it involves a  Sports Bra.

I guess I'm being sort of negative about Weight Watchers.  I get that way.  I'm sorry.  Maybe it's PMS.

I spun off from my original point, but I guess that is what blogs are for.  I think fixating on a single number is just not healthy.  I'm going to work on getting away from that.  I wonder if I can?


  1. Cindy, great blog entry. You are very right about WW in general, and their snacks are all artificial and not to my taste.

    I'm a foodie, and that's my problem. I make most things from scratch and I love fruits and vegetables. I just love to eat!

    I love to eat at fine restaurants where they put a lot of butter on the food and so on. There is no point in going to The French Laundry or the equivalent and ordering a WW approved dry piece of grilled fish. They would laugh you out of the joint. The complex sauces are the point.

    Nonetheless, WW's official line is to eat healthier and make better choices, which I do like. I also like the way it is easy to post your intake on the computer and calculate your points. I'm glad I found the runners group on the WW site.

  2. Nina,

    You and I sound a lot alike. I like to eat and I like to eat good food. I would rather have a little of something excellent than a garbage bag of air popped popcorn!

    I agree. Like I said in my earlier posts. I learned a lot from WW and have learned to make healthy choices. However, I'm really working on my obsession and all of the tracking, measuring and weighing has finally pushed me over the top (after 11 years!).

    Like I said, it's most likely PMS!!

    Thanks for reading (and commenting!) I'm glad you found our group.